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Do I need to have a 3D model before contacting you?

No. If you have an idea we can work with you to design it. Our vast experience with 3D modeling software allows us to create product designs if you don't have a 3D file ready.

What data do you need to start the process?

We need either a 3D file or the information to create one. Such as design specifications, measurements, etc. 

What kind of file should I submit?

For color prints - 3mf, vrml 2.0 or OBJ with a UV map texture file


For regular prints - all of the above plus STL

How can I pay for my project?

We will send a Paypal invoice to your prefered email. You can then choose your prefered method of payment and you don't need to have a Paypal account.

Is my idea safe from competitor's eyes?

Yes. We frequently work with customers that provide Non Disclosure agreements. We will not publish any details about your project unless you give us permission to. 

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