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Helping individuals and businesses bring their ideas to life by providing 3D design and additive manufacturing services with cutting edge 3D printing technology.
Resin Foundry, not just another 3D printing company.


Resin Foundry focuses on helping individuals and other small businesses bring ideas to life. We offer the most personalized experience with the aim of getting the best solution for your project.


Our company's goal is to produce prototypes, custom parts, and collectibles. Unlike other 3D printing companies, we integrate design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and finishing touches under one roof so that the client can go from idea to final product without having to jump through hoops. Our team’s vast array of expertise allows them to produce excellent level craftsmanship on any project.


For custom commissions, we will provide a quote upon request. We pride ourselves in facilitating customer feedback during the design/ modeling stages in order to assure that your idea comes to life just as you imagined. We constantly work with NDA requirements so your designs and ideas are safe with us.



- The quote we give you is the absolute best deal we can offer for your specific project.

- If we don't think we can do it, we will try to direct you to someone who can.

- Your information, ideas, and designs are safe with us. We will not publish anything about your project unless you expressly allow us to do so.


- We aim to create the best end product, this might take a few iterations but we are willing to do the work.

Who started it all

Ana Cosme & Shane Mans

In the words of our customers "The best problem-solving team you could work with". Working together since 2014, helping others materialize their ideas. 

Part Recovery
Recovering a print - MJF
Starting a print_edited.jpg
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