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Get a Sample

Order a set of color gametes that double as a sample of the printing technology and a color picking aid. 

You can get the color choosing chart that goes with them here:  Color Pallet Info

Color sample
Color pallets

How to use the color guides

- Pick a color on the sample pallet

- Find your color on the document:

Color Pallet Info

- Find the RGB values that correspond to the color number

- Input those values on your model

Best Practices

If you aren't sure what we do or what you need to engage with us here is a document that might help you: Guidelines and best practices

Guidelines And best practices.png

MJF Material Properties

Unsure if the MJF materials will suite your needs? You can find the properties in these documents:

- Mechanical Properties


Available Resins

There is a great variety of resins available. You can find the properties of each resin in this document: Resin Properties 

nda image.jpg

Standard NDA

We will not share any information unless given permission by the customer. 

You can download and fill our Standard NDA.

You can also send us your own NDA to:

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